We offer a very flexible range of automated meteoro- logical measurement systems based on Campbell Scientific Ltd. Dataloggers.

Due to exelent performance and open source programing features of this dataloggers we can meet everything of customer needs in the field of applied
meteorology, agrometeorology and hydrology.

For cost effective solutions we also produce our line of high quality sensors for:
- Barometric pressure
- Air Humidity and Temperature
- Sollar Radiation
- Wetness sensing grids
- Precipitation (Rainfall measurement)

Comunication with automated meteostation can be established via:
- Direct cable link to PC - up to 300 m.
- Modem link through standard phone line.
- Wireless GSM data transfer

Due to extremely low Power consumption our meteostations are powered by 12 lead acid
batery charged from normall grid - 220 V or sollar panel.


Basic configuration of automatic meteostation

To achieve high reliability of measurements we offer sensors from world leaders, such as: