Based on our experience in small fuel cell power sources integration systems, we are developing a basic line of PEM fuelcell power units in the range 25 ..100 W.

They are based on 100 active area cells in order to reduce as much as possible the number of cells in the stack. The main reason of this is improvment of the power controll of each cell and significantly increasing MTBF of the entire stack.

Covering the range 25...100 W continuous power with this technique is possible with stacks containing 1 to 5 cells only.

An embedded controll system based on single RISK controller drives the system, ballansing according to humidification the Air stochiometry conditioning and High efficiency DC-DC converting with stable voltage output in the range 14 up to 56 V.


25 W 14 V output power source

50 W 14...28 V output power source

100 W 14...56 V output power source