DC-DC converters are main part of Fuel Cells power sources in power range 1...1000W.

Output voltage of one cell is higly dependant of the load and usualy varies between 1V without load down to 0.6 V on full load. If 20 cell stack is used, output voltage will be in the range 12...20 V. For this purpose DC-DC converters ar used. They accept variable input voltage, giving at the output constant voltage independent of the load. They are two types : step-up when output is higher than input voltage and step down when output is lower than input voltage.

Our base series of DC-DC converters are step-up type for power ranges 1 to 1000W. They have extremely high efficiency limited only by the level of semiconductors science at present.

Based on RISC microcontrollers, they offer many other features:
- undervoltage protection based on measuring of every cell voltage.
- soft start preventing overloading the fuel cell stack
- ...................
- remote on/off switching


SCDC30 (single cell DC-DC, up to 30W)


with input voltage from 1.2 down to 0.6 V and input curent up to 50 A is designed
to be used with only one fuel cell giving output power up to 30 Watts.


Hydrogen power source based on six alcaline Fuel Cells


giving 150 w developed and produced by Hydrocell Ltd. Finland. Each fuel cell contains internal MH storage for hydrogen giving 50 Whrs/cell - total 300 Whrs capacity without external suply tank.